Okay, so we’re watching Hurricane Dorian. This morning’s forecast was looking dire and rather grim. Slowing down in movement, revving up in windspeed. A Cat 2 hurricane striking up the Georgia Coast on Thursday. Things have changed in 6 hours.

They are now saying it’s tracking further east. South Florida will be missed altogether. It’s not going to make landfall, just slide up the coast. We will see Cat 3 storm surge on Wednesday.

Dorian 5Dorian 6

Being off shore, means it will suck up moisture on its eastern side and sling it at us on its west. LOTS of rain. LOTS of flooding. LOTS of wind, close to the coast. Again, I’m worried for my children and pray their parents get them the hell out of Dodge!

My mother is desperate for me to come home. She’s now pulling her trump card – she’s not calling: Dad is! I’m a Daddy’s girl! Dad can talk me into things she’s can’t. It’s a low, under-handed trick.


So we’ll see.

In other news… Zee Reads.

Yes, I did do some reading in July – most of it in bed, late when my body was so exhausted. I couldn’t find my kindle for 4 weeks, and my Kindle Fire refuses to go online anymore. so I did a hardback I’d unpacked early as well as an audiobook, even though audio isn’t on the list for a short while. But regardless. I was wanting to read books in order, but that didn’t happen. So sorry.

First up!

Yule Ball: Fairy Tale retelling

Her Mad Hatter

The Kingdom series – there are a SLEW of these. A dozen or more. Fairy Godmother has many fantasy beings under her watch, but the one she is most fond of – Hatter – is in a sad predicament. Constantly screwed over by his many Alice’s, he’s given up and is determined to love no more, meaning he’s starting to go crazy, meaning all of This Fantasy World is getting ready to cough up phlegm and die. And he doesn’t care.

Fairy Godmother brings him one last Alice, fresh from Earth. She’s just opened a bakery, her life is on the up and up and she does NOT have time for a half-mad hatter who’s hotter than hawt.

Oh and did I mention her grandmother – or was it great grandmother – was his last Alice – the one who did him in, betrayed him like no other and she’s a dead ringer for the woman?

This book was short and things happened too fast and I was none pleased at all. and there is how many others??? Meh.

Hedge Maze: A maze or a labyrinth


I read this many years ago. I’ve read these authors before as well and enjoyed their works. I enjoyed this one again. Adventure, intense, a lot going on.

A secluded island with one owner, wealth beyond compare and yet, he could care less. There is something on this island, no one wants to talk about. A great treasure that doesn’t want to be found. When he was young, he and his brother went into the caves, the cave you know, your parents tell you to stay out of, but 2 went in and 1 came out. Decades later, he’s talked into allowing a scavenger company to map the caves. And look for the treasure, that he’ll get a large portion of, if found.

They find more than they bargain for.

I liked this book enough to go back and read this now for the 3rd time. I’ll read it again down the road.

Free Space

The Iron King

A historical retelling of the last year in the life of France’s Philip the Fair. This guy’s life and court’s antics make the Game of Thrones look tame.

Taking place during Edward the Second’s reign (yes, he of William Edward’s time.) Philip of France is not called the Fair because of his dealings with his court and subjects – quite the opposite. He’s simply blonde and blue eyed and good looking. However, he’s rather stoic and has a stare that would drive nails into a concrete wall.

Philip has a problem – he’s deep in debt to the Jews and the Templar Knights. Needless to say, he doesn’t want to pay them back! In addition, his three sons wives – all of who are Kings on their own, are either screwing around on his boys or is helping the two sisters screw around on the sons. And there are people who are interested in exposing that bit of news due to who the girls are related to!

Ah yes, fun times!

Male Author


How would you feel if your dad believed in government conspiracies – to the point you had no phone, the television was deeply monitored, no internet, your house was surround by trees, trees, and more trees, that no one came to your house, that you lived so far off the grid it wasn’t a concept. All food was foraged, home grown….

and then he disappears… and is presumed dead. And then the department of family services shows up and now you have all sorts of willies… and the people who rescue you from them gives you MORE willies…


Audio Book

The Snowman

This is what I listened to in the car last week. Read by Richard Armitage, it is simply precious. Now I want a green mountain bike with big fat tires!!!


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