Red: What type of writer’s block do you experience the most?– Typically, when my muses go to the beach for days, weeks and in one case, years! Just leave me high and dry!

White: Are you a supporter/lover of fanfiction? Seeing how I write it, yes I am. I admit I don’t read as much as I used to and I feel badly about that. I also admit I judge people who bash fanfic.

Black: Would you want to live in one of the fictional worlds you’ve created? Yes. Contemporary Guy’s!!!!

Blue: What’s more important to you: characters or plot? Both are equal. Strong plot, strong alpha males and hellcats!

Yellow: What’s a common writing tip that you mostly ignore?Pretty much all of them!!!

Grey: What’s a common writing tip that you almost always follow? Well I don’t know if it’s common. An English professor beat this one into our heads – never use the same verb/adverb/adjective twice in a paper or in my case – a chapter. Not if you can help it! I also tend to steer away from ‘he said/she asked/they yelled. If it can be ‘seen’ or stated with punctuation, don’t repeat it.

Orange: How many projects do you usually have going at once? Oh dear God… Right this minute, I have 2 that are on long hiatus and then there is The Shepherd, Aside from Heaven, Raising Nemo, and When the Ribbons Dance. Oh also, The Diary of Aefre of the Wold.

Pink: Which of your characters would become your best friend? Probably Genevieve.

Purple: Which of your characters would become your sworn enemy? I don’t think any of them would be my enemy – I mean, MY character. I’m sure Isabella would hate me… so would Vaisey… Laurel would DEFINITELY hate me because her taste in music sucks!

Green: Pencil, typewriter, or computer?Computer. When I worked cheapass retail, I would take a notebook with me and handwrite during lunch and breaks and then I’d put it to the computer when I got home. I still have my originals. The Majority of Rider of the Mark is on paper.

Brown: Do you have a set writing space? Or do you write everywhere? Well, I write at my computer and I have place (usually) for my computer.

Silver: Are you comfortable writing in public places?   No, not really. I’m easily distracted by surroundings, so again, I prefer my little writing corner.

Gold: Do your stories usually contain lessons or morals? Yes. I think so.

Clear: Do your characters control where the story goes or do you maintain control? Oh, definitely the characters. Manna from Heaven shouldn’t have been 350K+ words. Honestly, I thought 150k would be it. There is so much in it that wasn’t in the original bullet arc and plot that the muse put in as we went. The joust wasn’t in the original. Guy and Gen getting married in 12c England wasn’t in the original. The reveal of the surviving items from the fire wasn’t in the original plot. A lot of smaller things weren’t in it.

Tan: Are you open to co-writing a story?    I honestly don’t know.


Dorian is now a Category 4 Hurricane. It was a Cat 3 for maybe 12 hours and there is still a lot of warm water to cover. Many models are now showing for him to head north sooner. Getting a tad concerned.