And how are we???

We are watching Hurricane Dorian. He is now up to a Cat 2 and has nothing but open, warm water for the next several days. We are watching when it turns north – because that’s when it will affect us.


Now, I’m going to be honest – I’ve never seen these things to be very reliable this early in the game. It’s just too early.

We have a 3 day weekend. Thank you, Jesus! We had a few bumps this week, but NOTHING like last year! A 2nd grader informed his friend – in my hearing – that I had – for a lack of better words and in less words – that I had ‘an impressive set of mammary glands’. You figure it out. LOL! Depending on the final path of Dorian, it might go longer. I have a feeling it probably will.

What are we doing this weekend? I am putting up Zee Reads as well as laundry, grocery shopping, praying small funds go far, and unpacking! If it’s not horrid on Monday, Spawn and I will find a park or something to go explore!!!

And now – Guy Day!!!

Weekend Delighttumblr_pgevvfRmRm1xin9q4o1_500tumblr_pg9g0rKH751xin9q4o1_500tumblr_n879bukgRS1tac2b0o1_500da bulgetumblr_n66m6oBbvt1sxnwelo2_540tumblr_midsklkUir1qjk9xyo1_400tumblr_pbtix4DL441v3ldhto2_250tumblr_pbtix4DL441v3ldhto3_250tumblr_nczhvuf42p1tac2b0o1_500tumblr_ndchvqlORo1sh6br8o3_1280tumblr_ngv4ytD5lm1sgla6so3_r1_250

See that? That’s the Adam’s Apple Bob of Sex!


And this completes your morning (well, in my case morning!) Friday ritual of Guy. Have a great weekend!!