And how are we all?


I’m learning to love Wednesdays again! When I first moved to Savannah, for the first 2 and a half years, my Wednesday was lovely. 3 classes. I got so much done on Wednesday! I did! All of my lesson planning, copies, extra stuff. I typically ATE OUT! because I had time to go out and grab something. It was lovely.


And then there were changes and my new admin was jealous of every minute any of us had, so she made sure we were packed so tight, there was no time to pee. Add to it admin pets who thought any spare minute of mine (to pee) was flex time for them. I came to very loud words with one in particular and we had a very unprofessional screamfest in the hall, much to the delight of the students. I’m going to be honest – that is one bitch I don’t miss!


But I digress!

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Here, in my new abode, I have THREE classes on Wednesday. All three are late, so I have this large block of time in the morning to lesson plan, make copies, deal with life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.


We have a 3 day weekend coming up! The ‘rents are making ‘Come to visit you’ noises and I would like to have the house in some semblance of order come October, when I have a FOUR day weekend and health willing, will probably come. This does NOT mean, everything unpacked and what not, but I would like to have the furniture in place, rooms set up, pictures hung, and all boxes in the garage. Right now, my cave, dining room, family room, and living room are garage overflows. Meh! Spawn and I are targeting the labeled #1 and #2 boxes (Important and Important but not AS important) to get unpacked.


So my weekend project is getting one room (my cave) in working order so I can write and rip albums and get things started. Also clean my room, my bathroom, my closet floor and the kitchen. That’s a never ending project!


I have found both of my kindles. Yay. My fire refuses to go online and has dumped ALL of my books. What GOOD is it? It won’t do anything but wants me to talk to Alexa. No. My old kindle still works, but it won’t go online. At least I can add books to it manually. Just not the things I’ve obtained through Amazon! Might be time for a new Kindle.


Speaking of Kindles, it’s time to get back ON the reading wagon. I DID read in early July – just didn’t get it posted, but I’ve really not read anything in a month. 2 books were hardbacks and I’ve packed them and I can’t remember the name OR the author. (I bought them at a comic convention!) Yeah, they were THAT memorable. \


My archive here is at 89.1% full. Another project will be deleting pictures. I’m starting with the clothes, followed by the ‘scenic’ stuff (vacay, etc) followed by personal. Just a heads up. Some Mancandy might go as well. I remember when we could load pictures from our harddrives and didn’t have to load them into an archive here. I think this was a way to get us into buying packages for this blog space. Sorry. not doing it.


There! That’s plenty of gratuitous Richard. I know several have told me Richard mancandy is all that’s for them, but I have Richard on here all the time, so it doesn’t hurt to look at what the world has to offer.

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NOTICE – I said just LOOK!!!!



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