Happy Monday! Did we have a good weekend? I certainly did! I did


No unpacking, no cleaning, nada. Spawn made Fish n Chips for dinner on Sunday… I think we had chicken stew on Saturday. Kitchen looks a mess. But I’ve started running down and I needed some down time and rest time!

Also had to do seating charts and lesson plans. Lousy use of my planning time this past week.

ANYWAY! I hope we are well and up and moving!

Are you ready for some mancandy??? I certainly am!



I admit it. I want this one to tie me up and ravish me! hmm mmm!



I’ll buy anything he’s on the cover of!

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What is it about a kilt?

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Always save the best for last!!!

(Had a battle-Thorin screen shot cross my dash yesterday that made my nipple perk! I’ll repost it here tonight!!! That man has NO RIGHT to be this gorgeous, but I’m glad he is!)