A week from today, we will be moving, so there will be no Guy Day next week. Actually, there won’t be any ManCandy Monday as I start school and I’m commuting. Next week is just going to be heckers. I’ll leave at lunch on Thursday to get my keys, come back, have Open House until 6 PM. I’m hoping to have a car load of stuff so I can drop it off at the house, take pictures of empty house and then bring back 1 to 2 loads from the current home (more closet, bathroom, bedding, kitchen.) move on Friday, hopefully come back Friday afternoon and vacuum and maybe start on cleaning carpets. I’ve got a coupon for 2 rooms cleaned for 75.00 and I just might take whoever up on that! If they can do the living room and family room, that would be a huge, huge help. Or the living room and the dining room. Something I won’t have to worry about. Saturday, I’ll finish cleaning carpets. I have 2 holes to patch. Final walk through on Sunday afternoon.

Kids on Monday. I’m going to be living for the weekend after next. Big Time. Counting the days to Labor Day weekend.

I still have first week lesson plans to write.

Yeah. No Mancandy or Guy Day next week. Sorry.

SOOOOOO! Let’s have GuyDay TODAY!

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tumblr_niidcpmU6Z1rjujeco3_400tumblr_nj06ktFXEw1rhvpymo1_540tumblr_nj06ktFXEw1rhvpymo5_540you need a husband

Yes, I do. Set a date? I have my calendar right here!

There ya have it! Don’t be worried if I’m kinda scarce through the week and next weekend. The other thing we’ve had is we don’t know when we’ll get internet. If it’s a problem, we’ll be at Starbucks quite a bit after the move.

Have a great weekend!