Okay, not the union and not my closet, but the packing!

  1. The Milk crates are GREAT! I just might go snag some more, we’ll see.
  2. My back hurts!
  3. ALL of my albums are packed – I was right, took 2 more crates! I have vacuumed where the albums were and will soon start stacking boxes there!IMG_20190722_2309001
  4. All of my sheet music is packed! YES!
  5. My back hurts
  6. All of the DVDs are packed
  7. my back hurts
  8. I’m getting ready to go to work on the cross stitch. I have another square milk crate and 3 long ones, which should be more than enough!
  9. My back hurts
  10. If I can get the cross stitch, the books in the family room and living room, and the cookbooks packed today, I will consider today a success. The first success in packing.
  11. My back hurts
  12. Spawn got a clue. He’s got his television on in his bedroom, but he’s packing. Yay! I told him his room HAD to be done today!
  13. My back hurts. I’m not stiff yet, but it hurts.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. Good thing they called, I completely forgot.

This is the point where I say ‘Have some Richard’, but I need some Richard myself, so please, come along for the ride