Hello week, how are you?

I fear I’ve come down with FeelSorryForMyself-itis. Nothing online pleases me, I’m bored, my kindle fire will no longer load books, putting a halt to my reading until I get a replacement. I MUST have this house packed in one week and I’m telling you folks, I”m way behind. I’m NOT doing well! I’m forgetting my meds, sleeping all day, tossing and turning all night. FatBoy thinks the boxes are his personal scratching posts – I’ve had to repack one box and toss the leftovers for one – a NEW one, so I’m rather riled. Tomorrow, Spawn and I will spend the morning taking packed boxes to the garage!

Life is just sucking massively. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, right?

So as I will probably be crazy tomorrow, here’s ManCandy today. I did a hunt…


There will always be a soft spot in my heart for Fabio!


And this man too!


I found his stock photos on Instagram! Whoo hooo!


Hello! Who are you????



iaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam a lumberjack…


Son… thos aren’t tidy whities you’re wearin’!




I think he’s padding.

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He’s shown up on quite a few of my books as of late!


There ya go. Again, I might be scarce to midland for a week. Have a great one!