And how are we all?

My toe is sore and much blacker today. Taping it is useless and I’m taking Tylenol (Genevieve’s gateway drug!) so that’s how it goes.

Spawn and I went into the garage yesterday afternoon and pulled out the majority of the empty and broken down boxes. I must say there are fewer boxes left than I originally thought. Question however, will we be able to get them all on the truck after we load furniture. Prolly not.

Blood sugar this morning was 224. Bad, but not AS bad as it’s been, so we’ll go for that.

Today’s project – just pack. Really. I’ve made a huge dent in the kitchen and today, I’m going to go into my cave; the family room. I have 2 partial bookcases, albums galore and dvds. We went to the pharmacy yesterday and drove around the back – and found the MOTHERLODE of milk crates. We snagged 11. I’m hoping these will contain my records and my sheet music. Might be enough for my cross stitch magazines. hmmm mmm. We need to get a move on. I have New Teacher Orientation next Thursday. I really want to be pretty much DONE by then. Don’t know if I”m going to make it or not!

Cats are being complete pills. Complete.

And now – Guy Day. Warning- August 2nd, I doubt there will be Guy Day. Just be prepared. Also don’t think there will be ManCandy on the 5th. First day of school. I have a friend, her system’s first day is Friday. FRIDAY! What kind of crazy bullshit is that?



I love that smile. I do.


I know many don’t care for his look here – sweaty, unwashed… but I remember the most beautiful thing happening here – that man come into his own! And yeah, he was sweaty, unwashed but he was becoming!

Kinda reminds me of Trevor Belmont, y’know?



Okay. I’ve been a free scrapbook whore this morning and I need to finish downloading my spoils. And then – to the family room!

If I’m scarce this next week, please understand. I don’t pack fast. I’ve been working my tail off and it just doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten anywhere. My house is an obstacle course and I’m thinking we just might start hauling packed boxes into the garage and bring them BACK when we’re done and vacuumed.