By golly, it’s GuyDay!

I am supposed to leave for the Interior today. I’m already late. We have to arrive before sundown because, thanks to a certain effing coward, who rearended me, my tag light is crammed up my car’s keister so far that it’s busted and can’t be replaced. We’ve been pulled over a few times over it. I’m getting to point where I”m rather like – Yes, I KNOW my tag light is out. Have you noticed the butt end of my car has been shoved forward a few inches and MIGHT have something to do with it? Just statin’ the obvious!

EITHER way, that lovely, adorable Dad Dancing vid set off a Guy and Gen bunny this morning, NOT as rabid as the one I had earlier in the week that wouldn’t turn loose, but something, if I get the chance, I’ll write up over the weekend and post. Cute, possible OOC, but it is what it is.

I need a shower. I reek!

Anyhoo, GuyDay anyone? Let’s do some awards!

And the winner for …

Weekend Delight

most beautiful sass and peel (say it fast, it comes out sex appeal!)

TW8H7zu (2)

most beautiful come hither


most beautiful eyelash porn


most beautiful okay, who wants to bathe me and lick me dry


most beautiful promo with a sword


most beautiful Oh God this is awful, how do I handle this


most beautiful over the shoulder smolder


most beautiful long legs of sex

most beautiful astounded look


most beautiful tellin’ it like it is


most beautiful ‘come again’ look


most beautiful pelvic thrust


Most beautiful profile….

There now. Must shower. Must pack. Must load the car. Damn, it’s raining.