Today is a better day.

I managed to back up some things from my HP before it crapped out on me. I found my fanfiction and I backed it up less than 2 weeks ago. So that’s intact.  I MIGHT have books scattered, I know I have books scattered, thing is do I have my challenge listing somewhere as well the books I had ready to go. I doubt my pictures were backed up, so we’ll see. I have several externals to go through.

Most importantly, I found my house. Praying everything goes through. We went down to see 4 houses and discovered one – that I REALLY wanted to see – had been snatched up yesterday. The woman put her paperwork in, it was already approved and she’s looked at 20 houses so I was kinda seeing an attempt into guilting me for being disappointed. The next 2 houses wee WAY too small. I mean….. even the garage in the first one was teeny. No way to put anything but a smart car in it. Teeny rooms, no where to put my piano, ANY of my bookcases, my day bed. The third bedroom was so small, it wasn’t funny.

but the last house… was perfect. Everything will fit fine, the master bedroom is about 2 feet longer than what I have now, the other two bedrooms are the same size, although Spawn’s might be bigger. laundry closet rather than a room, there is a pantry. More counter space. We’ll put the Cook rack in the garage and the cookbook bookcase in the dining room. It needs painted. I’ll be BORING and make it white.

So I’ve told the agent I want the house and we’ll start filling out paperwork. It’s at the top end of what I wanted to pay, but we’ll make it work. My commute will be about 50 minutes (consider my commute before was 60 minutes on easy days and this commute is mostly open highway. We’re good) The neighborhood is across the street from one of the high school football stadiums so Friday nights in the fall will be a joy. Otherwise…

There will be before and after pictures when we move in. This is such a relief!

Oh, and the street is named after a well known, popular writer. hehe.

Have some Richard!

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