In my State of the Closet post, I did some damage to my allotted space allowed here on my free word blog. Means at some point pictures are going to have to go. More than likely the majority of the clothes pictures will be a start, but I’ll wait until I reach the 95% portion.

Went digging at the website for the new school system. Am perturbed with a few things – most notably the dress code, which is more restrictive and conservative. It’s not that bad – no cold shoulder, which I don’t have, but they’ve also stated no leggings. Now my OLD school system said no leggings, but I wore them anyway with LONG tunics and no one said anything. Considering how many pairs of pants I have, this shouldn’t be an issue, but I don’t like my long tunics paired with anything but leggings or skinny pants. I”m going to be good for a few weeks and then see. They also state no denim of any color. Most places say no jeans and I do wear my black jeans and white jeans and khaki jeans.

And mint jeans and pink jeans. Also the denim tunic my sister gave me!!!!

But it’s very clear – NO DENIM OF ANY KIND OR COLOR! We’ll see if I can pass off the black, white and khaki jeans as pants.

Nothing off the shoulder. 😦  Nothing sleeveless. It’s going to be hotter than blue blazes and NO sleeveless. Thank God I have boleros and lose crochet cardigans!

No extreme fashions. What is an ‘extreme’ fashion? I hope it’s not this – leggins (1)

or this


They say this is a dress. I disagree. This sucker barely goes below my fingertips! It’s a TUNIC! (Also dresses can’t be any shorter than 2 inches above the knee. I know a few teachers at my old school who would really have fits with that! We had one whose dresses barely covered her hoohaa!


I hope pointy toed shoes aren’t a no-no or ‘extreme’!


It will really bother me if they say this is extreme.

I’m quite certain my thigh high boots will be a no no!

In addition, when I applied for jobs, I checked before hand to make sure that not only do they take out for Teacher Retirement, they also take out Social Security. The list I got from the Department of Labor said they did. In dinking around the employee handbook, they take out for Medicaid (elderly healthcare that Obamacare robbed and made so inferior, our elderly are having a hard time finding doctors who will take it, among other things I won’t go into here!) but not Social Security (retirement) which I’m depending on in order to retire at 65. I am not happy with this and am thinking my eventual move closer to my family will be sooner (1 to 2 years) rather than later (3+) years.

Now that I’ve regaled you with all of that, how about some Guy Day, eh?


And there ya have it!!! Have a great weekend!