that I wasn’t taking my new meds right. I’m on a daily injection – which I’m VERY unhappy about – and it seems like when I stab myself, I’m NOT stabbing myself! And I’m not getting the meds I need.

So I high-tailed to my pharmacist, who was VERY happy to show me that I was doing it right, I just wasn’t waiting long enough so tonight when I stabby stabby myself, it should do what it’s supposed to do.

I hope.

I hate stabby stabby.

EITHER WAY – you know what’s coming…

I was so proud of myself for going and getting help that I decided to reward myself. Jessica London is having a kick ass sale and I took advantage of it.

flare dress

I told you I love dresses!

Keyhole blouse

They had this in lavender, but I like the print here! I might need to add a navy blue dress pant to my wardrobe. I don’t HAVE navy blue pants! I have JEANS, but not navy blue pants.

Damn, I’ll have to remedy this situation! Something I do NOT have!

Fly away tunic

I still love those pants and it pisses me off they still have them on the site and catalog and they DON”T have them in any size except 28!

Remember when I said I have multiple tops in different colors? I have this style in hot pink –


but it’s a nice top, very dressy, and I like the green pattern. And then this –

Georgette Tunic front

Georgette Tunic Back

Which I will NOT wear with those unflattering crop pants! Black skinny pants or if push comes to shove, a pair of black bend over pants like my white Easter Pants.  Oooh! I’ll bet they look nice with my white skinny pull on pants or my White Easter Pants!!!

Must now not look at clothes or reward myself until well after this move!

Here. Have some Richard!


You know what tomorrow is!