Spent the majority of the day yesterday traipsing all over Emory. As a result, my body hurts STILL, my fingers are stiff. I”m sleeping like the dead, and waking up still exhausted.

I’m realizing that 2 filing cabinet drawers weren’t gone through and I don’t care. They can have everything, as far as I”m concerned. I’m waiting to get the call or email that I ‘forgot’ to sign my final observation. Nope. I didn’t forget it. I don’t intend to sign it. It’s a piece of shit and not worth wiping my behind with.

Spawn’s appointment went great! The surgeon doesn’t want to see him for a year and his cardiologist doesn’t want to see him until his annual checkup at the end of the year. Life is some ways is returning to normal.

I begin the arduous procedure of cleaning house next week and then going through the garage the month of June to eject as much as possible. Start listing the hardbacks I know I won’t read on Amazon.

July, I start packing the house. Funfunfun!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to GuyDay. I need a lot of that leather-clad hotness in my life right about now. So do you!

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I am sated. For about 30 minutes.