of packing up my room and as much as I want to be out of here by lunch Wednesday, it’s not going to happen. They are going to screw me about grades and screw me about keys and I don’t care. I simply do not care anymore.

That said, I’m still waiting on THAT call or THAT email. I’ve contacted them again, I spent yesterday down in the vicinity and I’m praying for sufficient moving funds.Ā  And help with the loading, driving, and unloading. And a place. I have a deep deep feeling this isn’t my forever home either and I’m counting down to the light – that being retirement. 3 years… 8 years… 11 years… I’m over half-way there. 3 years will mean I’ve just had it. 8 years is the aim. Year by yearing to Social Security PLUS retirement is 11.

I am tired and I’ve not begun.

So how about some Mancandy????

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State of my closet will happen in the next 10 days. This has become a bit more serious than I anticipated.