It’s done, it’s over. Let’s commence with the good stuff before I whine.

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I do have a soft spot for Pudsy, but Guy is right – Pudsy will never love you like he does!


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So young. So innocent looking.

Key word: LOOKING!


Shirtless Guy… yummy.

Whining behind the cut.

We had 5th grade graduation today. One of our young ladies, showed up in a VERY SHEER negligee! I kid you not. The skirt part was SHEER! Thank God one of the teachers had a pack of slips in her car and we got her in one. I’m thinking – my God, where is your mother???

As I was leaving today, I was chatting with a retiring teacher. I like this particular teacher and I’ve not seen much of her at all as she’s on a different floor and specialized, like myself. I told her I had found another job and was leaving.

She informed me that I was targeted this year, along with a few other teachers, and that I was targeted ESPECIALLY hard, to get me to quit. I was blamed and fussed at for behavior problems EVERYONE had. Kids fight in my room, I write them up, nothing happens. Kids go elsewhere the next week, fight and they’re sent home. I can’t begin to tell you about the child who would tell me to go fuck myself, suck it bitch, you’re a cunt and I’d have someone come get him and within 10 minutes, he’s back. Why???

This is infuriating. I felt singled out, I felt like I was in cross-hairs all year and now someone outside says it and confirms it. They put my life in danger and I’m NOT over-exaggerating or being a drama queen. It angers me. I’ve read horror stories of other teachers who have been in the hotseat and I always felt sorry for them. And now, I’m there.

Well, not anymore. I go in Monday and I’m packing up MY stuff and I’m leaving them a SHITLOAD of my trash! Let whoever comes behind me deal with it!

I can just say, it’s OVER! OVER! Praise God, thank you Jesus! I’m looking forward to a new chapter in my life!