it is NOT to buy clothes at this time because they take so long to get here and I’m not so sure where I’m at right now, is where I’m going to be come then.

Yes, I said that.

For all intents and purposes, I was offered an opportunity ELSEWHERE and I’ve accepted. I’m just waiting word that a few loose ends (references) have checked out. I am house hunting – in order to keep Spawn in college, we’ve chosen a halfway point between furthest campus and my new opportunity! It is within 30 minutes of where I used to live. Spawn and I are going to take a scenic drive Sunday to check things out.

I have children I will miss and worry over for a long time. I have children I can’t wait to see the back of for the last time.  We have 1 day left. I will miss getting these from my students…


Last week, we had field day for 3 days. As you know, I was burned to a crisp. Yesterday, I had a pedicure and a chin wax and the lady says – You need Vasoline for forehead. Yup. My forehead peeled while she was waxing my chin. I went home and shook dead skin out of my hair. Nasty.

Either way, while my KK was out by the swamp (fenced) we discovered THIS guy sunning himself!


Needless to say my kinders were fascinated!!


He was pretty big. I finally got them lined up at the cones and away from the fence and next thing I knew, he was GONE! Speedy little bugger.

I have a grading issue and I don’t know how to fix it, so I’m going to find someone to tell me how to fix it.

Here. Have some Richard!