is coming soon. Check your baggage and your outrage.

Or your jealousy. I careth not.

In the meantime, whilst being BORED and in PAIN and irked that I left my kindle at school – that which is the library of my CHALLENGE and I’m really liking what I’m reading now (hint, Richard, hot priest.) I did the unthinkable.

Now I do this all the time, even when I say I won’t, but something came around at Zulily that I regretted not getting the first time it came around 2 months ago. And as I have a 10.00 credit, I had to… y’know.

Now, in truth, I was bad before.

These came in last week. The top is cool and comfy and the dress is a lovely pullover that you can take on a date, church or somewhere casual. I intend to wear it the last day of school with my navy kitten heel pumps!


(I wore it to church last Sunday – really cute on!)

I’ve decided that I have to start buying Spawn clothes as well. His closet is dismal.

I initially bought him the Chuckie boxers as a joke and something to make him smile while he was in the hospital. They were so comfortable he asked if I could obtain him more in that style.

Of course!

The shirts were a nice price!

Either way, in my burned wanderings…I came across something that I wish I had bought when it came around before. I didn’t buy it due to I didn’t have the foot gear I wanted with them, but now…


and while I don’t have the footgear – Comfortview at Roamans does!

lace up boot

The boots are inexpensive (60.00) and I’m hoping they still have them in my size and color in a month!

Of course, with the coupon and such… I added to my stash!

zu71272370_main_tm1555011843flutter sleeve

The tie dye is a dress, but I’ll wear leggings with it. And the blouse is gorgeous.

I bought jewelry…


and I wore the necklace with my mint green jeans and a white embroidered tank. And I was spiffy, you know.

someday, this will stop. It will have to. But for now. I am sated.

For now.

(Oh, my burn isn’t hurting as much, but the bra didn’t come on today.)