And how are we all?

14 days left. Today was a horrid day – just not the way to start off a week. First, neither one of our alarms went off so guess who overslept? I’m talking over 90 minutes over slept! I clocked in one hour late! I don’t care.

3 fights in my first class. The instigator of the 2nd and 3rd fight was actually SENT BACK to my room even tho I complained. I wrote that little rat up anyway. I’ll write him up every single day if I have to.

Fight in my 2nd grade. Called both girls parents. One had her braid ripped out. I”m on good terms with one parent.

The rest of the day tho, was pretty okay. I’m exhausted.

Zee Reads tomorrow. Hear the crickets now!

And now, ManCandy Monday. Again, it’s an all Richard edition!


I’ve tried several times to watch this and I can’t get past the heavy accents.


He’s talking about me again!


And there ya have it! Have a great evening!