1.secret garden or forest? Definitely the garden!

2.the stars or the moon?  Moon

3.neck kisses or french kisses? Oooh I love neck kisses but they tickle. Then again, I’ve kissed men who thought shoving their tongue down my throat and gagging me was okay. uhm. No.

4.1700’s/1800’s or 1900’s/2000’s? – I love those 1700/1800 fashions!

5.poetry books or illustrations? – Poetry!

6.itunes or vinyl? VINYL!!!!!

7.fairies or pixies? Fairies!

8.water nymph or forest nymph? Forest

9.kittens or baby lambs? Baby la…. oooooooooooh kittens!

10.rainbow or sunrise? Rainbow

11.new moon or full moon? If I didn’t teach, I’d say full, but I teach so new moon please

12.fiction or short stories? Fiction.

13.green tea or jasmine tea? Green

14.lavender or roses? Roses

15.sunshine or rain? Depends on my mood

16.misty forest or sunny meadow? Again, depends on my mood

17.cake or pie? Cake

18.happiness or luck? Happiness

19.silk or cotton? Cotton

20.love story or fairytale? Fairytale

21.dreams or reality? Dreams

22.diamonds or gold? I”m not picky

23 – WHEREDFUKIZ23????? I dunno, it’s gone.

24.chocolate or vanilla? Hershey’s milk chocolate with Vanilla Ice Cream!

25.series or books? Books!

26.romance novels or mystery novels? Depends on my mood

27.smooth jazz or classical music? Depends on my mood

28.dancing or cooking classes? Dancing

29.cocktail night or cinema? Cinema

30.concert or play? Concert

31.cherries or cream? ew on both.

32.candles or pillows? Pillows

33.ocean or lake/river? Depends on my mood

34.time turner or flying? Time Turner.

35.mermaids or angels? Angels

36.coffee or tea? Tea

37.makeup or natural? Au Naturalle

38.black or white? What kind of question is that???

39.drawings or paintings? Depends on my mood and the subject

40.early bird or night owl? Night owl

41.introvert or extrovert? Depends on my mood

42.winter or summer? Winter

42.spring or fall? Spring

43.classic or modern? Classic