There is a good possibility there will be no ManCandy tomorrow. I was pretty much finished getting this post set up when I discovered the baby of one of my cousins passed away a few hours ago. She was 8 weeks old and battling brain cancer. As recently as this morning, the pediatric neurosurgeons felt good about her chances. Cancer is such a cruel disease. If you could say a little prayer or send some good vibes to her parents and sister, it would be appreciated. No parent should bury their child. For reasons, I won’t post her name or where they are. Please understand.

Zee Reads March edition.

4 books. Consider one of the books was huge. So not bad.

History of Magic: Author’s first book


I read this book I guess over 20 years ago and very much enjoyed it. Terry wrote one of the books I read in January – Magic Kingdom for Sale:SOLD! The Shannara Series is huge, spans I don’t know how many books. He’s written several other series – including Landover, which I mentioned and recently tied all of them together.  Giant. Huge. millennium encompassing.

Needless to say, I read this BEFORE I read Tolkien. I have a dear friend – my main beta – who refuses to read ANY fantasy as, according to her, they’re all rip offs of Tolkien. I kinda shrugged and picked up this book with much relish!

By the 4th chapter, I was rolling my eyes. Surely, I’ve picked up the WRONG book, right????


There is a review on Goodreads that I cannot top. I’m clipping and pasting it here, with a few additions from me at the bottom and two name changes. Ahem. This would be Suzanne.

If the Sword of Shannara were a film, it would go like this…

Mirkwood Productions proudly presents:


Directed by Meriadoc Brandybuck. Director of Photography: Celeborn. Costume Design: Arwen Evenstar. Visual Effects: Saruman the White. Sound Design: Noldor Unlimited. Starring Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf the Grey, Sauron the Necromancer, Aragorn Arathornsson, Gimli van Gloin, and many more!


The Ohmsford brothers Shea (BAGGINS) and Flick (GAMGEE) live a peaceful and simple life in the Vale (SHIRE), helping their father (HAMFAST GAMGEE) run the family inn, when one day a mysterious stranger arrives in the Vale. His name is Allanon (GANDALF THE WHITE) and he has a dark and disturbing tale to tell: The Warlock Lord (an exceptional performance by the DARK LORD) has risen again. He knows that the ancient Sword of Shannara, currently being protected by the Druids in Paranor (GONDOR), is the only weapon that can permantly destroy him if wielded by a descendant of the House of Shannara. Allanon reveals to Shea that he is, in fact, part elf and carries the bloodline of Shannara. His life is in danger and he must flee the Vale at once. Allanon tells him to meet him the dwarf city of Culhaven (RIVENDELL) as soon as possible and disappears.

Hesitant to believe Allanon’s tale at first, the brothers decide to wait and see if part of the stranger’s story is true – that the servants of the Warlock Lord are looking for Shea. They bear a Skull Mark ™ . One night, Shea and Flick witness one of the Skull Bearers (NAZGUL) in the village and flee instantly. They must get to Culhaven somehow and decide to seek the help of their friend Menion, Prince of Leah (LEGOLAS). Their journey takes them through the Black Oaks forest and past the Misty Marsh where they are attacked by and narrowly escape a Mist Wraith (our very own WATCHER IN THE WATER has come out of retirement to appear in this film) before they finally arrive safe and sound in Culhaven, (RIVENDALE) where they meet Balinor Buckhannah (ARAGORN) and Hendel the dwarf (VAN GLOIN). A council of the Races is held under the direction of Allanon, and it is decided that a small party (FELLOWSHIP ™) must journey north and rescue the Sword of Shannara from the army of Goblins that has captured it in a raid of Paranor. etc, ad naus.

They also pass through the King’s Hall, (CITY OF THE DEAD) meet some thing with many legs and a reptiles head (SHELOB) in the forest, are captured by THE GOBLIN KING,

oh and Han Solo and Chewbacca show up.

I barely finished. Really. The writing was sub par at best and I’m glad my fonder memories were before I ever read Tolkien, or I would never read another book of his. His writing improves and he expands on this world, so it’s worth the continued reading. It’s just THIS book… is soooooo LOTR rewritten, with some Star Wars thrown in.


A book with a number in the title

Phase Six

Is a prequel. I had the 1st book of the series set for my book set in the future. After reading this, I’m not sure I want to go there. In short, aliens have visited Earth and infected us with a zombie-like disease. As a result, the US is quarantined into sectors, each thinking the other are badlands.  Vaccines to fight the zombie illness are mandatory and refusal to comply will get you shot. This sector is in the process of a smooth but hostile takeover by a rather ruthless, corrupt, and barbaric politician.

I think I”ll find a Sci Fi Romance for my future entry.

Book with Magical Creatures.

Divine Fornication

Notice it says – The Complete Collection. Yup! 4 books in that. Took me a whole whopping hour to read ALL four books. All four together don’t equal a novella. It’s just 4 chapters of the stupidest nonsense I’ve EVER read in my life. This is a Mary Sue to end all Mary Sues. Girl, blinded in a car accident that killed her parents, living independently at age 20, falls down an open elevator and dies. Is rescued by an angel, who promptly restores her eyesight, and has sex with her. She’s a virgin and her first spoken words to him are – put your cock in me.


After mind-blowing sex (in which he also teased her anally) she wakes up at the bottom of the shaft, with paramedics stunned she survived. She is taken to the hospital, where she wakes up to find a black winged being in her room. He’s the Father of the Vampires and apparently is the enemy of the angel who rescued and seduced her. So of course, he must have her. He scoops her up and flies her out the window to his castle where of course, every vampire must have her as well. Somehow his son drops the ball and the Werewolves kidnap her, wanting the same thing… and finally her angle rescues her, they live happily ever after, the end.

That was it. This is an hour of my life I won’t ever get back. I have never left a review for a 1 star rating, but I did. A certain BDSM book I abhor was better written than this.

Last but not least – A book with ShapeShifting


A werewolf named Kitty. Funny, eh? This was my favorite book of all the ones I read this month. I liked it. Kitty was turned against her will (date gone wrong) and is learning to live with her affliction. She is the host of a little all night radio show called the Midnight Hour. Things take a strange turn when a Child of the Night calls in. What was an oldies show, becomes a talk show about vampires and weres and her Alpha isn’t happy and the city vampire lords aren’t happy either. The two of them order her to quit the show just as big wigs from bigger stations decide to syndicate it. Oh, and there’s a rogue were on the loose, slaughtering at will. There are a slew of these (10? 12?) Not huge and if they’re as easy a read as this one, these will go in the Alex Archer stack. need to read.


Level 3Level 4

Ya’ll have a good week. I’ll probably be around in a few days.