And the man yelled at me. Really.

Apparently, I’m way over due for labs and I asked them to be put off for…. oh… 12 weeks and he looked at me and said – why?

Spawn’s surgery, stress, exhaustion, thatlittleissueafewweeksbackwhenmybloodsugarwas538, you know just stuff.

First, he stared at me and then he fussed, borderline yelled at me. Is it high because it’s high or are you playing roulette with your meds again?

Uhm… roulette. I forget a dose or just skip it (steam coming out of ears) and it snowballs…

Okay, so then I get the terse speech about my heart and my liver and my eyesight and my feet, Luke Perry, and then he pulls out THE trump card – God must have something for you to do because I don’t know how you’re walking! OH wait, your family is Salvation Army and the Devil is scared you’d take up a collection for an air conditioner!!! And oh your blood pressure is up!

You’re surprised at this?

Don’t get smart with me, missy! You have until the end of the school year to get it down, get your labs and start taking this disease seriously! AND JOIN A GYM!

I did. The treadmill threw me off. Banged up my knee and I have arthritis in it.

At this point, my doctor started banging his head on the wall.

Spawn and I spent the trip home discussing options. My doctor wants my resting sugar at 140, which is still high, but doable. My next step is a diabetic med dispensed through a needle, which I’d rather not do. I have until the end of school (7 weeks) to get my A1C down and my blood sugar at that magic number. Spawn and I are discussing setting aside 3 to 4 evenings a week to go to the gym we’re paying for.

And I’m beating myself up pretty good.

I have a top that is somewhere between Chicago and here. I was hoping it would be here when I got home and I could feel pretty.


That just has ‘summer’ and ‘warm weather’ written all over it! But it wasn’t here. What WAS here was quite the surprise – a little pocket Guy/RAPS from Guylty.


It says Sin-O-Mints – for the sinner in you!

Well Sir Guy definitely makes me a sinner! (And I believe Vivienne has said that as well!) This little RAPS is purse sized and yes, he will be in mine for a long, long time! It brought a smile to my face when I didn’t think I’d have one for a while. Perhaps it will help me get back ON the NO SUGAR wagon and kick this disease in the teeth!

It amazes me how a community of well-wishers can band together and form such tight friendships when the only thing they have in common is the admiration for one man who doesn’t know we exist. I wouldn’t make it without you guys. Really.

I’m going to go over here and sniffle for a while. Here. Have some Richard.