So I’ve TRIED to be good with the clothes buying.

Key word: TRIED!!!!

Jessica London is having a nice sale and I figured those split crepe pants I want for Easter would be affordable!!!

slit trouser

They’ll look lovely with this for Easter!

Easter maybe

It’s a brighter green actually, and I”m thinking a pretty (fake) gold chain (I have) will look very nice.

So I go to the website, because I should be okay with the sale and discount (60.00 for 24.99)

AND THEY DON”T HAVE THEM IN MY SIZE IN WHITE! Oh sure, I could get the black, but I want something EASTERY so, no black and green will look like formal office wear. So no.

So I’m dinking around and I found these at another place (where I don’t have a credit card, but I can afford on payday…)

I’m kinda partial to cool, thin and light for Easter. What do you think?