So last night, I began a factory reset on my laptop. I copied everything off so I won’t loose anything. It normally takes about 4 – 6 hours, so I left it over night.

Well, over 15 hours later, it says it’s only 19% done and I contacted HP online.

I get this – okay, let’s get you over to a tech and it takes me to a screen to CHARGE ME to talk to a tech for a 5 month old laptop.

I disconnected.

I went back to the home page and pulled up a phone number. The tech tells me to crash them system and then he says – when you get back online, we’ll go on the internet and I’ll remote in.

Uhm… I just crashed an empty laptop. There is nothing. I turned it on and I have the black screen of death. He gives me ANOTHER phone number and says – if it comes back up, call this number.

What I need is where I can TAKE it so your guys can FIX it ASAP!

Hate HP. Really. Hate them.

Spawn is doing great. He ate out the bbq restaurant at lunch.

here. It’s Friday. Have some Guy.

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My favorite side. nodnodnod

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Well, I AM nekked…

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And the long legs of sex. I’m going to see if my laptop is up. Probably not. I’m crabby. So much for writing. I’ve got William Edward in bed, naked, and hard and Viv is willing and ready. And wet.