ME! I’m talking about me!

Spawn had a very rough afternoon, an expected rough time, but still. The surgeon said the valve slid in perfectly and went straight to work. They brought him to his room – where I, his faithful minion… er… mama, was waiting – He slept pretty much for most of the afternoon, complaining about a sore throat (because there were tubes down in it for sometime) and I was given water, tea, and ginger ale for him. The plan was to have him on his feet by 3 PM. (Remember he came out of surgery around 11:30) but when we sat him up the first time, everything in his stomach – all liquid – hit the floor.

We finally got him up and moving around 8 PM.  He was venturing into solid food (a turkey sandwich) when I left after 9.

He’s told me this morning that they poked and prodded him all night – took more blood. And right now the doctors are with him.

My legs hurt, my back hurts, everything hurts hurts hurts. My ankles are swollen. We are out of money. I have enough money to park today and that’s it. Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out. Right now, I’m laying waste to my cousin’s stash of popcorn and pretzels and the hospital has a Brita water dispenser, so I can refill my water bottles. I’m good. If anything, this is putting a temporary stop to my clothes shopping.

OH! See what I got mom???

00 mom

She picked it out.  of course for me…

00 me

I NEED spring! Need it! When we go home, I’m cleaning out Spawn’s cave so I can get to the closet, I’ll be unpacking warm weather clothes and I’ll post the ever anticipated State of My Closet Address. I know a few of you are looking forward to that.

I need to head to the hospital. I’m still clearing off my harddrive so I can wipe and reset this thing. Half of the programs aren’t working. I’m hoping to bring Spawn back to his grandparents this afternoon and then if they give us the all clear, we’ll head home to Savannah on Sunday. They’ve told us a week after Wednesday he can resume all normal activities. So laters…