First off, I caved.

The week has been soooo bad. So bad. The total cost including SH is around 80.00, so that’s that. I can’t even LOOK anymore. Can’t. Oh and they won’t ship until the very end of March. Done. Donedonedonedone.

But you’ve heard THAT before.

My knee reminded me painfully today that I have arthritis. I’d rather have grey hair, to be honest. I’ve had several long days at work, today was a great day, until my last class. And now I have no voice. If my ovaries still worked, I would be taking birth control pills by the handful! I NEED to sleep in tomorrow, however, I have singing competitions to play for. I have 2 pieces giving me fits and I’ve broken the nail on my anchor pinkie down past the quick. It’s wrapped, but it still hurts.

Are you ready for some Guy? I am. tumblr_m0sjwdgPgk1r1jk99o5_r1_400tumblr_lodxz2pQzD1ql5lloo1_400tumblr_inline_nd7obzxdkf1ra8r3xtumblr_inline_n2mku2DybJ1qffor3

Yes, you’re worth it!


Curls… stubble… I’m dead.



My favorite Guy!


I knew you’d agree!

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I’m calling it a night. Or maybe I should call it a Knight…