None of which I’ve bought… yet.

I’m jonesing for some retail therapy. I had one of those days in which I’m terrified to say, it can’t get worse because it will. A) I had a child bring a unwrapped lubed condom to class for show n tell and when he dropped it a little girl picked it up – EEEEW WHAT IS IT? 

Not a balloon.

So while I’m trying to deal with that, another of one of my more challenging students tells me to Suck It, Bitch. 

I didn’t go to college for this. I just can’t.

So, I’m LOOKING – and remember, Zulily sells out fast so most of what I was panting over is already gone.

Summer on the coast is Hell. A beautiful, glorious Hell. As in hotter than. Furnace. If you look carefully, you’ll see a couple of Hobbits run through carrying a ring and being chased by Gollum. It’s THAT hot.

So I”m not surprised to see these –


I’m thinking that might be a tad busy soooo….


Which is cute, and if you want more…


But I’m rather drawn to this


Might be the color. I have autumn orange but nothing like this.

On the other hand, sleeveless can be a problem on me. I have bat wings and sometimes the armhole is a bit much. I have a white bolero, which would be fine with the top three, but nothing … wait I have a black crochet shrug.

And then there is this…


I love purple.

And there’s this.


It comes in a wide variety of colors and prints


And I’m absolutely over the moon about this


Isn’t that pretty? But it’s a VERY popular pattern, because there are about 8 other tunics in that including this…


Which I”m wearing tomorrow and I don’t think the top one is made of the same crinkly crepe…

Remember every top up there is under 20.00 and I won’t be buying multiples of the same style and I’m not so sure about the sleeveless or the red…


I”m going to go ahead and do Zee Reads. My current book is huge and I”m only on Chapter 3. (There are almost 40 chapters)

First off, it LOOKS like I read a lot of books. I did, but they were for the most part novellas or short stories, so I got through them pretty fast.

02 burn district

This is a prequel to a longer series.  In short, a recent tsunami has stirred up some ancient bacteria that is laying waste to entire segments of the east coast of America. Rather than quarantine or move people west, when there’s a break-out, our government is simply nuking and firebombing entire towns. The little town this family is from has been ear-marked for the next burn. As they have a friend who is a First Responder, they’re given a heads up. They’ve prepared for this bug out…

02 Red Pyramid

Rick Riordan turns his great middle schooled geared mind to the Egyptian Gods. It’s a bumpy, sometimes unbelievable ride. One the kiddos should enjoy!

The Nameless Dwarf

This is NOT the cover of the original book when I obtained it. This was


This was, but this other one is part of the series and is the prequel. I think this author has read a LOT of Tolkien. Dwarves, men, Orcs, Elves… this particular installment is yet again – a prequel. This particular dwarf has a problem. He picked up a magical helmet and went berserk, slaughtering the majority of his clan. They’ve gone on the run, into literally no-man’s land to escape him. When he removes the helmet, his memories of slaughtering his people is quite vivid. But he can’t remember his name… so he’s following the survivors of the very clan he decimated, just to find out what his name is.

Oh, and the boy likes to fight!

02 Frostborn

Again, another prequel novella. Alternative universe, a dark wizard, holed up in an abandoned castle and a lone, young knight off on a quest to prove himself. While he wins the day and the girl he loves, he accidentally unleashes an evil so evil…

I’ve read several of his books in other series before. His imagination is extensive and his writing has improved, but this one is another trip through someone else’s eyes of Tolkien.

Wings of a Butterfly

I was disappointed with this. Supposedly a shifter. I hear talk of everyone’s inner wolf, but you never see it. The sex is mundane and there are too many holes, as if the author was in a hurry to set a speed record. He kept thinking about his ‘dirty’ blood and his father who was considered a ‘monster’ – and they never tell you what. Unimpressed.

02 Resumes that work

I’m job hunting, obviously. Might need to spruce up my resume.

02 strangled prose

Last year, I was highly enamored with Joan’s Arly Hanks mysteries, although by the end, I was irritated with Arly and all the Buchanan’s. I started this one last year between books as it was on my old kindle for quite sometime and I’ll probably do a run on them next year if I manage to finish this challenge this year. Claire owns a little bookstore in a college town. She is divorced, with an angsty pre-teen daughter. The town boasts of one famous romance author who decides to launch her next book – in Claire’s bookstore. The feminists revolt and picket, all the professors see themselves in between the lurid pages and said author ends up dead. A snarky, interesting who-dun-it.

Dead Flies

An accidental read. On occasion, when I”m opening up a book to see where to file it on my PC kindle (with its 143 folders) I realize it’s so short, I might as well finish it. This was a 10 minute, very thought-provoking, melancholy read. A father, celebrating his son’s 31st birthday at his home… even though the son has been missing for 10 years and has been declared dead by the authorities. His wife won’t join him and as he eats birthday cake in the kitchen, he notices the number of dead flies on the kitchen window sill. I had to go out and get a milk shake after this one.

I love a book where it’s obvious the author spent a LOT of time on the cover. (snark)


Level 3Level 4

Level One:

  • Madam Malkin’s: Bookish world to revisit ( Magic Kingdom for Sale/SOLD!)
  • Flourish and Blotts: Bestselling book (Little Women )
  • Ollivanders: Book with magic (A Court of Mist and Fury )
  • Magical Menagerie: Animal on the cover ( Pogonip)
  • Apothecary: TBR book you need to read (The Spider Stone )

Level Two:

  • Gryffendor : Book with red on the cover ( ) 
  • Ravenclaw: Book with blue on the cover (A Court of Mist and Fury )
  • Slytherin: Book with green on the cover ( ) 
  • Hufflepuff: Book with yellow on the cover ( ) 

Level Three:

  • Astronomy: Sci-fi/Dystopian (Burn District)
  • Charms: Middle grade (The Red Pyramid )
  • Dark Arts: Villains or anti-heroes (The Nameless Dwarf – The Antman of Malfern )
  • Defence Against the Dark Arts: Dark fantasy ( Frostborn – the First Quest)
  • Flying: Around the world ( Wings of a Butterfly)
  • Herbology: Self help (Resumes that work )
  • History of Magic: Authors’ first book ( )
  • Potions: Choose a book with your eyes closed (Strangled Prose )
  • Transfiguration: Book with shapeshifting ( )

Level Four:

  • Arithmancy: Book with a number in the title ( )
  • Care of Magical Creatures: Book with magical creatures ( )
  • Divination: Takes place in the future ( )
  • Astrology: On a different planet ( )
  • Cartomancy: Tarot cards and fortune telling ( )
  • Dream Interpretation: Book with dreams and visions ( )
  • Muggle Studies: Contemporary Book (Dead Flies )
  • Ancient Runes: Historical Fiction ( )

Level Five:

  • New Term: First book in a series/duology ( )
  • Name in the Goblet of Fire: Recommended by a friend ( )
  • Letter from Snuffles: Mystery ( )
  • Dobby is Free: Free choice ( )
  • Wizard Chess: Book with a contest ( )
  • Golden Egg: Book with dragons ( )
  • Eat you’ll feel better: Treat yourself! buy yourself a new book! ( )
  • Free Space ( )
  • Luna Lovegood: Diverse reads ( )
  • Black Lake: Book with sea creatures/mermaids ( )
  • Harry Potter: Chosen One ( )
  • Fred and George: Funny book ( )
  • Yule Ball: Fairy Tale retelling ( )
  • Neville Longbottom: Brave character ( )
  • Hermione Granger: Empowering ( )
  • Hedge Maze: A maze or a labyrinth ( )
  • Free Space ( )
  • Fleur: Romance ( )
  • Book from a Jar ( )

Level Six:

  • Newt Scamander: Author with your initials ( )
  • Cursed Child: Play ( )
  • Extendable Ears: Audiobook ( )
  • Lavender Brown: Chick Lit ( )
  • House: Based on your House ( )
  • Fantastic Beasts 3: Book to movie in 2019 ( )
  • Beedle the Bard: Male author ( )
  • Fantastic Beasts ( )
  • Percival Pratt: Poetry ( )
  • Avada Kedavra: Horror ( )
  • Accio: One word title ( )
  • Sybill Trelawney: Female author ( )
  • Pottermore: Book club book ( )
  • Crimes of Grindelwald ( )
  • Dumbledore: Book by a favorite celebrity ( )
  • House Cup: Goodreads Awards winner ( )
  • Advanced Potion Making: Backlist book ( )
  • Molly Weasley: Book your mom loves ( )
  • Philosopher’s Stone: Published the year you were born ( )
  • Book Hermione would read ( )
  • Harry Potter Series: Young Adult ( )
  • Mental Health ( )
  • Severus Snape: Standalone ( )
  • Released in 2019 ( )
  • Book of Spells: Classic ( )
  • Moody: Based on your mood ( )
  • Dursley’s: Nonfiction ( )
  • Ginny Weasley: Fierce females ( )
  • Free Choice ( )
  • Shrieking Shack: Thriller ( )
  • Lupin: Paranormal ( )
  • Marauder’s Map: Magical book for adults/teens ( )
  • Tonks: Character with dyed hair ( )
  • Book Harry would read ( )
  • Book Queenie would read ( )
  • Free Choice ( )

I’m going to see how many of those tops are still left and pick 2 or 3.

Here. If you made it this far…


This dwarf has a name – Hunkahunkaburninlove!