So for some odd reason, when my laptop updated (unbeknownst to me) it screwed of life and the universe as we know it, and I”ve been 90 minutes just trying to get on. We are at Starbucks – FOR REASONS – and it’s only allowing me one browser open.

See I really prefer CHrome, but some things will only work in Firefox. I keep both open. After 4 reboots, I finally realized I can have one or the other. I’m unhappy.

I also had a rough start to my day. All I’ll say is I have NEVER been talked down too or treated so disrespectfully by a 9 year in my life. And not just ONE 9 year old, about 5 of them. Apparently they purposely misunderstood their teacher’s instruction (don’t talk and do what she says) and told me they were to stare at me like Zombies and do nothing. They also informed me that even if I gave them a zero, and it IS my class, their HOMEROOM TEACHER told them to do this, so that’s what they’re going to do.

There was a chat when she picked them up and tomorrow will not be pretty for them.

ANYWAY! I have a crazy week this week, between several rehearsals and 2 concerts, I’ve not had time to hunt up hunnies, so we’ll dig into my arsenal and ManCandy our favorite ManCandy! Shall we begin???

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I hope you’ve had a better Monday than I have.