My 5th grade girls are envious. They like my bling and they like my bell sleeves.

It’s been a day and I’m glad it’s Friday and it’s over. I have a headache. Bad. I wrote up a fight but my last class was enjoying a Fun Friday Activity so they didn’t come.  it’s been quiet here for the last hour and a half.

I ALMOST bought today. Pretty little lace socks. Something I could wear with an open shoe. Sadly, they were sold out by the time I hit my basket. Oh well. I didn’t need them anyway.

And the spring tunics are out. Lord, lord, lord!!!! Help me!

My crock pot black eyed peas were a hit! There are hardly any left. I’m glad! I’ve never made them before!!!

How about some Guy???


We do respect him but…

We LOVE to watch him STRUT!

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