In preparation for Guy Day…


And now…

54 days left.

13 days without shopping…

I got stuff in –

BLING IS GORGEOUS! Am very happy and the bracelet fit just fine!


These two pieces actually match rather well!



This goes beautifully with my silver hammered bracelet!

And both are VERY long! Hang between the breasts and the navel!

This is gorgeous!!!


Wonderful spring!! Sadly this…


I’m so disgusted. The thing is HEAVY FLANNEL!!! VERY heavy winter fuzzy flannel. Cold cold cold weather. And it’s a 16, no way it’s a 3X! So it’s way tight and uncomfy. I’ve contacted Baby Sis who is shorter than me and a size smaller. If she likes it, it’s hers!

I have one more thing. I’m NOT buying anything for a while. Can’t and won’t. Fundage is tight tight tight and will continue to be.