I bet you thought I forgot! I didn’t!

we have 65 days left until happiness. Isn’t it SAD I’m counting down to the final prize? Completely skipping Spring Break. I labeled the weeks left over to see how many times I’ll have each group and I will be stuck with Hell Week kids the last week of school. I don’t give 2 shits, I’m showing movies! They will be doing grad ceremonies the last 3 days and we’ll be down to nada.

These came in Monday and I received the nicest compliments!


The green and purple had the most glorious fit! I actually felt thinner in it! It had a really nice shape. Made it look like I had a waistline! LOL!

The clothes I purchased 2 weeks ago have finally shipped and have arrived in the States. They say I”ll have them next week.


Pretty, eh? I’m praying it will be cold enough to wear the sweater! It was in the 80’s yesterday and today! Tomorrow is supposed to be cold (50’s) and next week will be in the low 60’s. It’s our WARM winter. I have winter sweaters I’ve not worn yet. And I might need grey leggings for that last one! I think white or black will be too stark for it! Meh! I bought bling this week. I needed bling.


The necklaces have 36 inch drops. I”m praying the bracelet will go around my fat hands!

I’ve been lusting looking at Guylty’s Red Dragon Con Pictures. Lovely! Just lovely! I like his look better at RDC than Sundance. Don’t ask me why I don’t really know, but I did.

And now, what we all came for…



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Background Gizzy has my heart!

Y’all have a great weekend!