and happy GuyDay Eve!

Recently, I made a purchase of the sort I don’t normally make. Last week, I was talking about books and I recalled a book I was given for Christmas the year I was 8. It was a silly book, aimed towards the young girls of a popular rock group at the time. I read it many times and somewhere in the moves, it got lost. I’d forgotten about it until I was retelling my love for the book Little Women – which I also got for a Christmas present that year.

I looked the book up on Amazon and found it for a disgustingly cheap price. Shipping and handling cost more, but it arrived yesterday and when I opened it up, I felt like that 8 year old girl again who was in severe puppy like with Davy Jones. He was my first celebrity crush and he made my little adolescent heart go pitty pat.

Whos got the button

A silly thing to be sure, but it got me through many car rides and trips! I’ll have to see where I can fit a reread in.

And last, after a horrid day, I got a ping on other social media from my son’s cousin on his father’s side. There has been VERY limited (nonexistent, save one phone call between them) contact with them and a lot of misconceptions and incorrect information on their side. The air was CLEARED and I’m praying a bridge is being built. Spawn and his family up north on his father’s side (they don’t like my son’s father either) are planning a get together over the summer.

They cook too. Spawn is VERY happy about that! It’s a whole new culture of food! WHAHOO!!!!

Here! Have some Richard!