I know it’s late, but I’ve had quite the day. At least my teeth are clean, yay!!!! This side wasn’t near as bad as the other,  and I had a blood sugar crash 10 minutes in – scared Spawn to death! Weird, as I ate a hearty breakfast, but…

I took a pain killer before we started and when I got home, I crashed on the couch for several hours. Badly needed as I’ve not slept well all week.

Between Sundance and the Red Dragon Con, I don’t think we’ve seen this much of Richard in AGES! I’m pissed about Berlin Station, pissed at all the ‘How much will you miss Daniel’, the tooting of horns… meh. My reason for watching the show is gone and I’ve not watched it yet. I”ll wait until I see how much screaming there is at the last episode and decide if I want to burn and binge or just file it away with Pilgrimage.

Right now, I’m struggling with William Edward and Vivienne. That has more of my attention right now anyhooo. And speaking of William Edward…

tumblr_pgu52vA0z01xjsjbko1_1280happy guy day


And now my jammies are calling me and I’m going to crawl in bed with a book.