So apparently, Richard has been cast in the lead of a new crime drama which will be shown on Netflix.


Don’t get me wrong, yay more Richard somewhere accessible for me. But a crime drama?

I know, I know, how selfish of me to want a comedy or something besides… a crime drama. I’ll watch it anyway.

Then again, maybe this is where his comment about ‘full frontal nudity’ came from. If that’s the case, I’m perking up right now.

Several items came in Friday for me. I must say I was spectacularly underwhelmed. This looks like a bag on me!

velvet jacket

Like three sizes too big. I can’t believe it. The cost to return it is pretty much what it cost and I can’t exchange it. Oh well. I’ll see what I can do with it, if that doesn’t work, see if mom can alter it or what it would cost to alter it (it’s not lined) and if that’s too much hassle or work, I’ll donate it to the women’s shelter.

So, it’s ManCandy time. Let’s get to it!

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Ya’ll have a great day!