What is on your mind, Vivienne?”

She was quiet for several moments before responding. “It is so quiet in this house. Emptier than it will ever be. And we are in the solar, doing nothing about it.”

William’s eyebrows weren’t the only thing that rose at that admission. His lips reached her ear. “Are you saying you are willing?”

She spun at that, his nearness making that difficult. “Willing?” It was a hiss. “I’ve been willing since you first mentioned it at Hugh’s wedding!” She dropped her eyes. “Don’t tell anyone,” she mumbled.

William’s chuckles reverberated within his chest. “Ah, but you told me it ’twas a sin.”

Then I will be an eager sinner!”

At that, he took her by the hand and led her from the room. “Then we should get on with this sinning business and make a celebration of it!” tumblr_mshgvaKmm01suhlrlo2_400