Like many here in the South, I have the day off. And like many, I have a load of things to do today. Clean kitchen. Take Christmas decs to the garage. Clean bedroom. Grocery Store. Write. Starbucks to do things my internet provider frowns on. Those sorts of things.

It is COLD here in the sunny south. Saturday’s high was 75. Yesterday’s high was 52. These sorts of things make a girl sick. Which reminds me, I need to check the Vitamin C stockpile.

Seriously sick pic spam after the cut…

I am half assed to do a State of my Closet post, but some might not find that amusing.  I kinda sorta did a State of my shoe pile once…


I have added to it since then

All of this is on it’s way to me!!! I need a BIGGER closet – or I need to clean out the closet in the 3rd bedroom…

Michelle, look – PATTERNS!!!!

Sometimes I wonder if this is the sign of a disturbed mind or a bored individual?

Or perhaps simply the sign of someone with singularly good taste!

Either way, it is MONDAY, meaning…

man candy monday

Shall we proceed? I think we shall!

Music for your listening and reading and perving pleasure.

Can I tell you a secret? I LOVE long hair on a man. I do. If it is clean and healthy and fluffy…


I’m a whorealloverit!

Now, granted I’m a child of the guitar gods of the 1970’s Kiss, Led Zepplin, Boston, Kansas…. the hair! Really!


Okay, not guitars, but still stringed instruments and hair! And leather.

For a short time (much to the relief of my mother) I left the long-hair adoration club. But when Lord of the Rings came out, with the Elves and the Rohirrim, boy howdy, I was right back in the mix of it!


Hair! Hair! Long, beautiful haaaaaaaaaaaaair!

Now, I’m going to clarify something right now. I am NOT a fan of the uber skinny androgynous look.


Needless to say, I didn’t perv on Elves for long. I don’t want someone I can knock off the bed (yes, I have) and… well he needs a cheeseburger!!!

Sorry, but they need some meat on those bones!


Fuck! I surrender!!!!


Oh my. I’ll go back to Planet Fitness if he’s there!!!


Uhm… focus… focus… I see a mop in my near future! Awright… MOVING ON… I’m just going to rip the bandage off this badboy!

get in my bed nowkarl-eomerkarl-eomer2


Damn, he is pretty!


Hello Jon. I see where Trevor Belmont has gotten his wardrobe advice…


Jason cleans up nice.

PhotoELF Edits:
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Hullo Brock!








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C”mon. You know the first time you saw THAT scene, you creamed your jeans!

Okay, I’m off to SHOWER!!!! Please bring a mop and clean up your own mess!