I’m trying to wrap my brain around the fact I return to work Wednesday. I don’t think I’m ready. A) This break seems to have gone faster than Thanksgiving break and B) This Christmas break is the shortest Christmas Break I’ve had since I started teaching. 13 days. Usually they’re 14 – 21 days. Yes, I taught in a school system that had a 21 day Christmas break. The community served a VERY large military base and people went HOME!

On the other hand, we are now officially halfway through the year, 90 days left, between August and December, some pretty awful students left to be awful elsewhere, rumor has it 2 of my more volatile and explosive children are leaving to be volatile and explosive elsewhere and we’re waiting to see if a child sent to alt-school in September (long long long overdue) will return or if his mom will take him elsewhere to test someone else’s patience.

Yes, I’m job hunting. In 2 weeks, we’ll also be allowed to notify the board that we wish to transfer and I have every intention of exercising that right. Lots of schools closer to where I live. I’ve had itchy feet for a while and I would have done this last year, had there not been extenuating circumstance.

I gained some new followers last night. I’m trying to figure out WHERE we crossed paths, but I”m not seeing it. I love new friends. I do I do! About a year and a half ago, I went searching for an old school chum from when I was in elementary school. She had a VERY unusual name so I just searched it. Thought I’d found her. Friended her, perused her blog, looked like life had treated her well. Sent her a long, windy PM, catching up…

Only to find out it wasn’t she. She enjoyed my blog as well and we had a great chat and decided to continue following each other. So see? I made a new friend and we have NOTHING in common, save we’re both divorced with grown kids.

Either way, welcome new peeps! I’m Zee. If you’ve perused my blog here, you’ll see I Love Richard Armitage, Love clothes, Love to read, fight with my diabetes and blood sugar, love Richard Armitage, love shoes, hate to exercise but it’s going to happen anyway, fight with my weight, love my son, love Richard Armitage, love music, teach music, love my kids, love my family, love to take jaunts to strange place, like to post near-naked pictures of beautiful me (to me), love my friends, love my cats, love God, am Conservative, but love my friends from the dark side, and love Richard Armitage. I’m a Southerner, which explains a lot. I also use foul language and have a raunchy sense of humor.

Oh and write. I wrote 5 pages of William Edward last night. I know a few people who will be ecstatic with that news. That was a hard hard wall to break through.

And that’s just scratching the surface. And all that is NOT in any sense of order.

Somewhere, there is a way to see what my top posts were this last year. Damned if I can remember it much less find it. There used to be a link or a widget. I’ve not seen it in 2 years. It was convenient, so of course, WP had to do away with it. I’ve been notified for weeks that there is a new editor coming. Everytime they spring a new anything, it just makes life harder for me.

I have a new reading challenge I will start in 2 days. There will be a separate post tonight with Zee reads regarding it. It’s a doozy and I’m tweaking it to make it doable. 2015, I did a massive challenge, 2016 and 2017 were abysmal reading years for reasons. This year, I simply finished series I began and didn’t do too shabby. I actually read double the books I intended to read (and no, I didn’t plan to read 12 books.)

Right this minute, I’m hungry, church isn’t going to happen this morning, my son is in a dead heavy sleep and snoring so loud, his room is vibrating, and I have the deep need to continue working with William Edward’s very dark dealings. His sons are realizing how deep his darkness goes and rather than being horrified, they are accepting this darkness within themselves.

How far would you go to protect your family?

Ah, dreary thoughts for a dreary day. The shawl sweater came back to the catalog last night, so I bit the bullet and bought it – as well as the duster with no real sizing information.


I’m thinking, I have a bright orange tank that will look very Halloweeny under the black duster and leggings or jeans and boots. Any color would look great, tbh.

I’m waiting for the cute shoes to go on sale. Then those cuties are mine!


I have 2 full shoe racks/sacks, booties under my night table, boots stacked in a corner. I should be ashamed. But I’m not. Choke on that! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Man Candy Monday will return a week from tomorrow. Sorry Michelle.

So here. Have some Richard.