And how are we all? Plans made for New Years Eve? Going out? Staying in? Normally, I stay in. Drunks on the road, all of that.

I’m rather sad at the moment. My little sister was supposed to come down for 5 days, however weather (flooding and heavy rain) is causing her to rethink and her time with me was cancelled. I”m having painful dental work done MLK weekend and won’t be good company. Oh well. Maybe spring break.

The cute burgundy top was GONE when I finally decided to go and get it. Le sigh. And after careful consideration, I’ve decided against the black duster due to the complete lack of size information. As for the really cute shoes that yeah, at some point I”ll get…


At this point in time, they’re $70.00! So I need to wait for them to go on sale. Dang, those are cute shoes!!! I’ll bet they go cute with my red swing dress!!! Or yeah, the white sheath.

All of a sudden, I am enthralled with shiny bling. Not that I’ll wear shiny bling because I have plenty of shiny bling I don’t wear as it is. But I’m enjoying looking at it.

If HE bought me shiny bling, I’d wear it. All. The. Time.

Spawn and I were going to take Little Sister to Charleston today. There are some things I want to get at the City Market that you can’t get anywhere else. Things for me. Things for Flat Richie when he arrives…. probably this summer. Sadly, it’s going to rain – oh, in case I didn’t mention, the South is being inundated with massive amounts of Water From The Sky – and going anywhere is a joke! So we then decided to go on Monday, since I don’t return to work until Wednesday, and then we realized that Monday is New Years Eve and folks, I am NOT going out in that mess at all. So we’ve decided to go the next weekend.

More Le Sigh.

Yesterday’s high was 75. Let that sink in. December 29th and the high was 75. We had the air off (still off) and the doors were open all day.  Anything to lower the bill when it finally gets cold – next Friday. Tuesday it will be 78! Sheesh. So much for winter!

But hey, Friday will be 55!

We went out (sorta. Starbucks. That’s as out as I go anymore.) I wanted to wear my snowflake tunic but…



I’m off to write. I think. I’m soothing my inner pagan today.

Here. You put up with this, have some Richard.


There ya go! You’re welcome.