First things first – we are home. We skirted just ahead of the rain most of the way, did deal with some misting. Got out later than planned, but still got home – after dark. Boohisss. The cats are ecstatic to be home. BooYAh!

As I mentioned to Michelle earlier, I got up this morning to an email from one of my favorite online places that the new early spring fashions were online. I’m like… it’s 2 days AFTER Christmas! Y’all are having BIG ASS CLEARANCE sale and my card is topped out and I simply am NOT doing this. I have enough clothes. My closet clothes bar is weighted down. But I looked…

look at your own risk

Now the first thing I’m going to say is – I HAVEN”T BOUGHT A THING! I do not PLAN to buy ANYTHING. I can’t afford it! I just looked. Mostly poked fun at some of these.


This is cute, but do not need! I”ve discovered that this is NOT a good color on me. Too pale. I like this one too


but it looks familiar!

sweater 01

yeah, I own that. It’s my favorite.

So I’m thinking maybe in a different color, but I can hear Michelle screaming BORING already!


This is cute… but not THAT cute…


Now… THIS….


This I could say yes to. Also, those shoes…. and I looked for them, but alas no….

I found these…


What would I wear those with???? (I love them, but really, what would I wear them with???)


NOT that cute!


Okay, my legs just fell just LOOKING at these. 4 inch heel. The last 4 inch heel I wore was 31.5 years ago – when I got married. No. Nononononononono! NEXT!

So I’m looking at that pretty print shoe and thinking… Easter dress???


But I remembered I have the one from last year I wore… only once…


Which I don’t think looks that great on me. It looks like a box – but mostly because of the jacket. The dress itself is a plain white sheath. Also the shoes, but I had 3 broken toes. Maybe with a short bolero or cardigan- I have like…. FIVE – and a heel…. Also this…

Ignore my messy room.


I have a darling black crochet bolero to go with this swing dress. I think it looks like a tent on me in the picture, but it’s not.


I have a cute teal or cute white bolero to go with this!! (Also – WAISTLINE!) and this…


So no. NO new Easter dress. I have plenty to chose from…

Okay, my jeans are too big. Really. I need to buy a size, maybe 2 smaller.


Dear Sweet Jesus, no!


Jeans. Please. Just a plain pair of jeans.


I don’t care HOW popular this is, No. Just say no!

I see me going to Cato across the street and buying a pair of plain jeans off the clearance rack.

Really. I’m only seeing the ONE thing that I would take a leap for, but I REALLY don’t need it. I need exercise or yoga shorts to work out in. I need a white bra. Actually, I think I”ve dropped a cup size (GASP!) because there’s space at the top… and a band size because I’m stretched all the way over and there is room at the inn, my friends.

Which makes me feel pretty good.

I have decided on a book challenge for next year, but I”ll talk about that in a few days. Right now, I want to clear off my bed and try to finish the current book I’m working on. This challenge tho – is a doozy!!!! Wait until you hear about it!

And for wading through this – Have some Richard. tumblr_mo3s30HJzZ1rtsnluo1_400tumblr_mx9dnmqxCf1s2xkv8o1_640

Now, go to bed!