Did we survive?

My son, God love him, bought me something I’ll be hard-pressed NOT to wear to work next week!


They have pig tails on the back!

We have no left overs. I wonder why???


I spent birthday money… and things I used birthday money before came in just before we came down…


I bought those for Spawn. Rumor has it we’re in for an ugly January.



That will probably look like crap on me, but I like it.


These aren’t scheduled to arrive until late January. Oh well, it’s not like I have NO clothes!


I love this and it does look nice on. I’m hoping I’ll get winter wear out of it besides Christmas. I will wear it regardless!!!


(I really like this one too! I’ll probably wear it the first week of school.)

We are going home tomorrow and it’s gonna RAIN oh lawd is it gonna rain! My sister will be coming down later in the day. Here’s praying we can get the cats packed up with relative little fuss.

(nope. not happening!)

We are breakfasting on holiday ham and cheese sandwiches. I’m going to make turkey stew tonight.

I’m also kinda tossed about a reading challenge next year. I did challenges the previous 2 years, this year I worked on finishing series I’d started. I need something for next year besides – I want to read 24 books next year. Hmmmm.

Here. Have some leftover Christmas Richard.

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Have a great day today!