And welcome to the weekend.

I didn’t think my day could get any worse – it DID! WE were gone half the day, due to a huge ass field trip, where many were left behind. Deservedly.

Sadly, we received and email, informing us of the hoops we’ll have to jump through to watch a movie or even a snippet. My 2 worst grade levels are during lunch and admin is there. I’ve gotten an email about ‘showing a movie’ (You mean when I was dehydrated and couldn’t talk…oooooooooookay) Either or, it’s not worth the hoop jumping and I”m pretty fed up with this attempt at micromanging by people who haven’t been in a classroom in decades or haven’t had to deal with children after a field trip on a Friday and have been sugared up. Add that the group this week is the worst of every class at grade level and the absolute WORST class in the school is my last class of the day.ย  I’m thanking God I won’t see them for 6 weeks.

I had THREE massive fights amongst my 2nd grade, including a lovely child who lunged at other children, screaming at them and when the child being lunged at popped said bully, bully went off and attacked the child. I pulled the little bully off and hauled them in the hall, where I was clawed very badly. In the meantime, student A rammed student B into a concrete wall face and knee first and then another twosome got into it…

My remaining classes were loud and the last horrid class didn’t even see the inside of my classroom as the PE teacher took pity on me and I helped him host 2 classes.

I need a bubble bath, a glass of wine and my leather clad darling giving me a backrub.

And I get home and discover the water faucet for the washing machine – of which I don’t HAVE one – is dripping and the floor is soaked. We’ll be finishing the main part of the house and contacting the landlady tomorrow

I need Guy Day. I need Guy Christmas Wallpaper. I need fucked and fucked well, but that’s not going to happen. Fantasy, being!


As you wish. You don’t need to twist my arm!


I’m going to decorate a tree….