I almost forgot! It’s been a day and a half! I swear I was a WWE Wrestling Referee for the Pee Wee Division today. 2 fights in my first class – the first one a chick fight – those are always the worst. My 2nd was beyond noisy, my 4th was beyond noisy. Don’t ask me about 1st grade. I don’t know how their teacher deals. I called one child’s mom because he was so awful and he sobbed for 20 minutes after that. I’m worn out. Thank God tomorrow is Friday, thank God we are out caroling for the 1st half of the day and thank God I won’t see this group again for 6 weeks. I”m dying.

The Muses talked me into it. That long ago abandoned WIP is back on the drawing board, the remaining bullet arc is written, I think 6 good sized chapters and the epilogue will take care of it. I just hope I can hear those voices again.

So here we are with Scarfed Wallpaper. Enjoy.