And slightly disturbing as well.

I discovered a long time ago there were certain subjects it was best not to debate.

Religion and politics.

If one can have a civil conversation about the two, good for you. I can guarantee if you’re of a differing leaning than me, well, I’m not going to change your mind. You’re not going to change mine either. End of discussion. Cheesecake? Chocolate? Richard? Yes. let’s have some Richard, by all means.

We’ve lost the art of civil discussion when it comes to either of these subjects. We’ve entered an age where if you disagree with me and me telling you you’re wrong doesn’t change your mind and make you side with me and you persist, well, your persistence in your personal opinion that differs from mine hate speech on your part. It’s me telling the truth on mine and yours is hate speech.

I see the hypocrisy in this. I hope you do to.

That said – last night, I was perusing my social media – NOT HERE – and came across a post from a friend of mine.

Now, this person has been my friend for damn near a decade and a half. She was one of my first friends in my chosen fandom. We are polar opposites politically and we understand that. Strange, I have a lot of friends who don’t agree with me politically and I find that amusing as I’ve seen more often than not in this time that if people don’t agree politically, they can’t be friends…

And I find that sad.

This person made a post last night that opened with – I want to discuss… I want to know why…

And off she went. At first, I was excited – I WANTED to discuss the subject matter, but very quickly it became obvious, she DIDN”T want to ‘discuss’ – she wanted to bash and with each ensuing response – all in agreement – it was painfully obvious that anyone with a differing opinion or who could bring a different perspective to the conversation –

Would be bashed. How dare anyone have a differing opinion?

And with each ensuing response, the less I wanted to not only participate, but share my point of view.Β  I didn’t even want to make the obvious current connection with the millennias-old book and faith they’re bashing.

And by the end of it, I was deeply, deeply saddened because this was a subject I would have LIKED – no – LOVED to discussed.

And I clicked out of the page and played a game.

But it haunts me – that because of the set up, there can be no discussion, no exchange of views and opinions. Just agree, speak up with the opposing opinion and we’ll bash you until there is nothing left – or stay quiet and we’ll assume your opinion is such a minute minority and doesn’t exist and everyone agrees with us.

I’m aware the most people on the net who has had any dealings with me think I’m a fairly shallow person. Richard. Clothes. Music. books. Spawn. That’s about it for my brain.

Well it’s not true. There are many things and issues I have deep feelings about, but because of the above – I stay quiet. This is my garden and every now and again, I have to weed and prune it. And fertilize it.

But at times, an outside wind blows through and shakes the ground and the rich soil I’ve planted. Stirs things up. I simply hope that something new and beautiful is planted because of it.

I know I made no sense, but it makes sense to me.

You made it this far through the rambling – have some Richard. (There will be GuyDay later.)