So this afternoon, I put Dawn Dish detergent on the grease spots on my 4 tops… let them sit for a spell and then washed them!

They COMPLETELY came out of 3 of them and pretty much all came out of the 4th. I suspect if I Dawn Treat again, it will completely come out! YAS!!!! SOOO HAPPY!

Also – I am festive.


If you look closely, you can see the antlers.

Also that would be my brother’s boxer, Homer.

I was at my brother’s – he was replacing the rotors and the brake pads front and back. The car has been making a horrible noise for a month. When all was said and done, 3 sets were fine. Still plenty of pad, so we’ve saved and set them aside in case of emergency and short funds. The 4th one – back passenger – was what was making all the noise. Seems a caliper was stuck and it rubbed the pad completely to a sliver of the backing (no pad left) and the rotor to about a millimeter thick! Good thing I got them replaced! He said the caliper pushed back fine, but we’re going to look into a rebuild kit just in case. He’ll check it again at Christmas.

While he was under there he checked out the whole front end. I have some bushings that are going to need replacing sooner than later. Christmas break will be sooner enough for me. So we’re looking into that as well.

I am SO thankful I have a mechanical brother who can fix most things on a car! Costs me a WHOLE lot less than having it done local!

Here! Have some Richard!


Damn, he’s tall!