And how was our Thanksgiving? I sat down with 85 of my closest relative and ate too much desert!  I’m not even going to try to take my blood sugar! It was really nice. We used to have our family get together at a country club that one of the cousin’s worked at. They were closed on Thanksgiving and were kind enough to let us use the facilities for 4 hours. Then he went to work somewhere else and for a while, we had it at a buffet. The food sucked and the numbers dropped significantly (I mean, the food SUCKED and we paid for it! UGH!) So this year, one of the cousins managed to get us into one of the community centers at a local church and it was awesome. I saw cousins I’ve not seen in years!

I am here until Sunday and then I’m heading home. Spawn is staying here until his cardiologist appt. on Monday the 3rd and then the parents will bring him too me and spend my birthday with me. I’ve already taken the time off so I’ll have the house to myself all week – put the finishing touches on the cleaning and get the trees up and some decorating. I’ll leave the trains to him! I might head into Charleston or downtown Savannah to pick up some things for Flat Richie!

Hoping to get some writing done later. Hoping to get some lesson planning done.

Either or – let’s have some Guy – eh?

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Those last 2…

Have a great weekend!