Due to traffic and a load of people at my mom’s house, Spawn and I have decided to meet the family at The Conclave tomorrow (big rented spot for a family buffet)  and then head into the Interior when it’s over. Praying all the extra people have moved on to visit OTHER family members when we go home so we’ll have a place to sleep that’s not on the couch.

Actually, if that happens, Spawn and I will find the nearest Motel 6 and check in.

Seeing as we weren’t going home tonight, Spawn and I did laundry. It is official, we will be finding another place to do our laundry. 4 of my nice tunics came out of the washing machine with oil or grease spots all over them. They didn’t go in that way. I’m heartbroken. One was the ruffle top I’d just gotten and had only worn once.

sweater 09.

It’s not horrid expensive (around 21.00) and I can buy it again – and will, as I like it on, but the fact I have to buy another one. And there is nothing at the Laundrymat that gives the owner’s name or phone number. I will be posting BEWARE notices. An electric blue shark tail tunic, as well as my olive green tux tunic and my very favorite burgundy tux tail tunic were also ruined. None of them can be replaced. 😦

Curved draped tunic

They don’t have this one anymore. I’m just…. really upset.

Edit: A friend has suggested I take them home with me and put some Dawn dish detergent on the spot and then rewash them on gentle. I’m going to try it!!! 

Here. Have some Richard and Happy Thanksgiving.

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