It is also the start of a 9 day break for me! Yay and kippe aye yay! My day was PRETTY dang good until my next to last class when a small student decided he was a big tough guy. Ended up getting his ass handed to him by 3 students, including 1 girl, by the time back up – in the form of 4 adults plus me – arrived in a few minutes. I’m rather praying his days in one of our classrooms is numbered. This is a daily occurrence. If he ever got his shit together, he’d make a damn fine attorney. He LOVES to debate!

A friend of mine is having a discussion on bullying on her blog (The M Files). I’d thought to join in when I got home, but there are already over 20 entrees and I’m rather tired to read through all of them. Maybe I”ll just read the opening volley and go from there. Personally, I’m exhausted. Way! Exhausted.

OH shit. There’s a pop up telling me WordPress is getting ready to launch a new editor. Joy. (That would be sarcasm.)

I’m thinking of NOT charging my phone for a week. Really.

Oh…. during my morning duty – which is outside my door – I play music. Soothing the savage beast and all that. (I would be the savage beast) I’d stumbled across some ‘electric classical guitar’ –  and basically it’s a virtuoso heavy metal guitarist. I’ve heard of him before but I wasn’t aware he’d written a 1 hour 10 movement concerto. Pretty ambitious! Either way, I have the vid up on my overhead and have it cranked during morning.

While standing a bit out and chatting with another adult, I realized my room was filling up. Seems my little ones were LOVING it!!! I had to threaten them to get them to go to class. When my kinders came in later, they asked if I would play ‘The Vampire Guitar Player’ some more. They really liked it.


This is what I was showing and personally, I’d like to own his outfit. especially the boots!

I am going home for Thanksgiving. I need some family TLC.

And now, my favorite leather pants on any Guy….


Sir Guy isn’t having any of your shit.

And now, I’m crawling into bed with… a snoring kitty and my kindle. I”m exhausted.