By not only the senseless violence committed at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, but the attempts by many to politicize this horrible massacre.

No one held a gun to this individual’s head or ‘triggered’ him to do this. Robert Bowers did it. The blame falls solely on him. That’s who you blame – Robert Bowers. Not Trump, not the GOP, not your gross next door neighbor, who doesn’t mow his lawn. You blame Robert Bowers.  It’s just like you don’t blame Bernie Sanders for the shooting of Steve Scalise and others – you blame James Hodgkinson. We have Hillary Clinton telling the Left – this is not the time for civility and Maxine Waters, stirring up the mob. But people screaming at others at dinner, is on the people screaming. So called ‘anti-fa’ who wrap their faces and physically attack people who have different opinion with bats and planks of wood – you blame the idiots attacking people. Blame the individual, not the politician you hate. Yes the GOP has some crazies. Well the Dems have more than their far share of deplorables in their camp as well!

My extreme and deeply felt prayers and sympathy go to the families and friends of those who were killed or harmed in the act of senseless violence. My extreme and deeply felt prayer and sympathy go to the family of Robert Bowers. I can’t begin to imagine what any of them are going through.