And let me tell you, I am SOOOO happy it’s Guy Day!!!! We’ve had lovely cooler weather all week, however after telling us that the high today would only be 62, it was damn close to 80! I still wore my red tunic with my new red boots. I’m not as happy with them as my black ones. There is no zipper and trying to get the ankle over my heel is difficult. I took a pair of flats with me because … heels… but I couldn’t get them off. It took me and Spawn to get them off.

But dang are they cute!

Last night, Spawn and I went out to eat at our favorite restaurant – a German-Thai outfit and it was Trivia night.

Yeah, we won! LOL!

ANY WAY! May we now enjoy our leather-clad darling!


Such pretty curls!

Okay, I’m done. I need to edit an essay for my son, try to write a coherent and respectable response to a ‘caravan’ query and do some writing. Need to finish lesson plans this weekend so I can post them Monday morning and then will be staying late to do progress report grades. I accidently deleted what I did on 2017 for Nanowrimo and now I’m considering CHEATING and changing the title and just going on. I’m going on any way…