This is pretty spot on. First week of October and we are still in the 90’s.  However, according to Weather dot com – we have Tropical Storm Michael in the Gulf and chances are he’s gonna bring us some rain Wednesday and/or Thursday

Michael 2Michael 1

and with that rain, he’s going to bring us – you got it –



Now granted those highs in the 70’s are NEXT week, and things could change, but this is a definite downturn for cooler weather. I’m ecstatic. I might get to turn OFF my AC and just open the doors!!! Bring the AC bill DOWN quite a bit. If I can get away with not turning on the heat until after Christmas, oh that would be lovely!  I just hope my school board doesn’t go ape-shit-scared like they did with Florence and send us home! I’d like to have a full week off for Thanksgiving. Spawn and I are planning on bringing in the Christmas decorations that first weekend and then spend Monday and Tuesday decorating the house! Last year, I didn’t get my Christmas tree done until AFTER Christmas and it still really wasn’t done! I would REALLY like to just Christmas up my house this year, like I did a few years back when I actually set my table! I do need to get my glue gun and do some repair to my center piece.


Most of the things are just laying there and they need to be glued back together.

I am aware that Guy Day didn’t happen Friday. I’m sorry. Friday got away from me with staff development and such. I’m trying to IGNORE the sales at my favorite places – I’m biting the bullet Tuesday and hoping that nothing else goes wrong on the car for a while.

Please God Please don’t let anything else go wrong with the car…

Here. Have some Richard. And Guy.

DoGSDncXUAARVdz.jpg large

Someone is ready for fall!!!


I hope this sates a few people – like me!!!!! Hope your weekend was a good one!